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Where We Are Headed

Neighbors House is designed to organically grow as God raises up new house group leaders from among our groups. We believe in putting ministry in the hands of "ordinary believers," trusting the Christ-followers in our groups to do the everyday opportunities of sharing their faith stories, prayer, serving their neighborhood, and helping other people grow in their relationship with God. Accordingly, we know our movement of Neighbors House groups will grow numerically only as the people in them grow in relationship with Jesus and each other.

Our group leaders will be invested in and will keep things running smoothly by raising up leaders, casting vision, encouraging and training others to love and serve people like Jesus modeled, and facilitating opportunities for spiritual and relational growth throughout our movement. 

We look forward to a day when hundreds and perhaps thousands of new and mature followers of Jesus are meeting in a Neighbors House group in our region and being actively trained and equipped to partner with Jesus in His mission of making disciples who make disciples. The primary focus of Neighbors House will always be on the neighborhood house group, but all of our groups will combine and come together monthly for a large gathering to encourage overall unity by enjoying a meal together, sharing stories of what God is doing in their neighborhoods and together worshipping our amazing God!


We believe we are participating in a new and unique expression of "how to do church" that other church planters, missionaries, and even some established churches will need to do in order to reach those who will not attend a traditional church. By raising up leaders and helping people grow confident in opportunities of sharing their faith and disciple-making, we are trusting that Neighbors House will grow at the pace of discipleship and leadership development.

We believe the next great revival to impact our region--reaching many people who don't know Jesus and equipping a contagious spiritual confidence among believers--will happen in living rooms, dining rooms, backyards, and basements. And we believe those committed to this vision are a big part of making that happen.

Is your neighborhood next?

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