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December 12, 2023



We trust that things are going great for you and that you are enjoying the blessings of following Jesus! We have some exciting updates to share about our house church movement initiative - Neighbors House Community Church.


Neighbors House is all about helping people get to know Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him and to help them to help others do the same! And that is happening! We have two house churches right now, packed out with about 25 - 30 people attending each of them. But it's not just about the gatherings, we've also been able to see the church BE the church in its support and commitment to one another! It’s been so cool to watch God form this group of individuals into a family of servant missionaries who are there for each other! As a church we have had so many life-transforming opportunities to invest in one-another and meet real physical needs that may not have been met outside our church family! We’ve been able to help with medical bills, funeral costs, substance abuse rehab, counseling, marriage counseling, lots of home repairs, car repairs, etc. Plus we have been able to see several people find their way back to Jesus and a few who have surrendered to following him for the first time in their lives!


As we look toward the future, we're dreaming big. We are trusting God to expand the boundaries of our reach in this community with at least two more house churches committed to reaching their neighbors and neighborhood - making room for more people in desperate need of fellowship with people and God.


We also envision the creation of a central facility - a Hub - providing a space for training and nurturing faith, holding collective worship experiences with all of our groups as well as extending its benefits to neighborhood communities for their meetings and events. This would allow us to meet more often with all of our groups. We're passionate about creating a warm and welcoming space for our groups and neighbors alike. Please pray with us as we continue to seek God’s direction with this!


Our vision is big but as it is often the case, such ventures require generous support and resources. So, we appeal to your kindness and generosity to assist us in this vision given to us by God. By contributing to this cause, you'll have a direct hand in helping us reach out to more individuals, broadening our community and maintaining our ongoing initiatives. Whether it's donating to make this big vision a reality, volunteering your time at one of our house churches or even just spreading the word about Neighbors House - your support and prayers are extremely appreciated!


Thanks for your time and support. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to know more about how you can be a part of our mission. Jesus is at work!


Live the mission! Donate Here

Matt and Andrea Harris
Neighbors House Community Church

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